Sunday, August 21, 2011

U.S. lags far behind all other modernized countries in maternity leave policy

I have not birthed a child. I have not witnessed a birth in real life. I have not seen the aftermath of pushing a small human from a woman's body. In this respect, I am like most men.

I hope, however, most men don't line up behind conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher, who earlier this month called maternity leave -- the time many women take away from their jobs immediate before and after the birth of a child to prepare and recover -- a "racket." Gallagher's comments were made in relation to the three months leave Megyn Kelly, a Fox News anchor, took after the birth of her second child, a daughter, Yardley Evans.
When Kelly brought Gallagher onto Fox News for a showdown about the comment, Gallagher showed his further ignorance by saying, "Do men get maternity leave?"
Yes, Mr. Gallagher, under federal law that does not discriminate between the genders for unpaid leave related to illness or the birth of a child, they do. In fact, in many countries they are expected, encouraged and rewarded for taking it.

Read the rest of the story at The Washington Times Communities Online.

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